Ripple XRP Becomes the Second Largest Cryptocurrency in the World


As cryptocurrency experts predicted, Ripple XRP has surpassed Ethereum and is now the second largest cryptocurrency in the world. As reported on Ripple Coin News, XRP rose to this passion after its value increased by an overwhelming 8% in the last 24 hours. At the time of writing, market capitalization is estimated at $24.291 billion and this means that it is now $200 million more valuable than the popular Ethereum that has a market capitalization of $24.09 billion.

Following last week’s performance, Ripple XRP was destined to take the position of Ethereum and this flip is expected to have significant positive ramification on the cryptocurrency industry.

Genesis of Ripple –Ethereum Flip

 The flip was first foreseen on September 23rd when the prices of XRP in most exchanges rose from 25 cents to 80 cents in only three days, from September 21st. Even though the market trend dropped a little bit and corrected back to 55 cents, it did re-adjust and bounce back to profitability.

In a recent interview, The CEO of Nigel Green stated that Ripple recent success was inevitable and it is expected that it is going to hit $1 before the end of this year. At the moment, Nigel Green takes pride in being one of the few firms to be managing cryptocurrency assets estimated to be worth more than $10 billion. More than 30,000 customers from different parts of the world rely on the services offered by the firm to reap maximum profits from the ever growing and lucrative cryptocurrency industry.

One of the highlights of Ripple is that it has positioned itself at the heart of Global remittance as well as inflow through provision of Ripple solutions. The CEO also went ahead to state that he strongly believes that cryptocurrency is the future money and the world will not need fiat currency in the next five years.

Based on the current statistics, XRP is proving it’s the most futuristic cryptocurrency in the world by providing solutions that other cryptocurrencies have failed. It has also ventured into industries and niches that most digital asset companies have being reluctant to invest in.

More people will start using XRP and the trust level will also rise, as most investors are now sure that if they invest in this currency they will reap huge profits in the near future. Nigel Green also told Forbes that more organizations, businesses, and individual investors would start using the currency thanks to the many benefits and features that it offers. In his interview with Forbes, the CEO reiterated that XRP will trade at $1 or more by the end of this year and will remain the second largest cryptocurrency in the world if Ethereum does not do something to change the tide.

Closing Remarks

 Ripple XRP has being performing very well this year and the news that it has taken the position of Ethereum in the ranks is not a surprise to most of us who have being studying the industry for more than three years now. If you are yet to invest in this currency, this is the right time to take action. Its the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, so go ahead.

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