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AligatoCoin ICO Review

E-Commerce continues to change the manner in which businesses operate. AligatoCoin blockchain project is designed to make the industry even better by solving problems that we previously thought were impossible to solve. The team decided to come up with this technology after realizing the site of the e-commerce market in Poland and the world at large as well as the potential if has on economies and lives of people.

Challenge AligatoCoin Will Solve

One of the challenges that AligatoCoin aims to solve is the fact that only a few companies are currently reaping profits from the e-commerce system. For many years, these companies have enjoyed monopoly and as a result, they do not implement policies or systems that could improve the industry faster. They are either too slow or are just not willing to implement them.

AligatoCoin will change this narrative by providing a blockchain ecosystem or platform that will promote stability, safety, and transparency at all levels of the industry. The technology will provide solutions that were previously unattainable thereby ensuring that all parties involved benefit fully.

Pay via Eye Payment System

One of the corner pillars of AligatoCoin 2.0 platform is the Pay via Eye payment system that will run using the ordinary cameras installed on computers and smartphones. This innovation will significantly help to enhance security especially for buyers/customers who prefer shopping online instead of walking to a brick and mortar store to purchase items.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the new innovations that you cannot afford to ignore. It has being widely embraced in multiple industries and it’s the high time that the e-commerce industry also gets a piece of the pie. AI will revitalize the manner in which customers shop for products by making it easy for them to search for products on the websites or portal. In addition, AI will make the platform user-friendly and interactive.

aligatocoinAutonomous Delivery Drones

Autonomous delivery drones will make the final stages of product delivery to the clients as well as the entire system is streamlined by automating each stage. The drones will rely on the current infrastructure. Concisely, the system will ease the sale and purchase process by remembering a specific clients preferences and adjusting the search results based on the preferences.
Artificial intelligence will also come in handy when the stores are creating marketing campaigns, offers, and auctions as the users will be able to do so based on principle parameters. It will also provide users will suggestions or recommendations that will make the offers as well as the platforms more users friendly.

Innovative Logistics Solutions

Needless to say, it is not possible to remove human intervention from the equation, as the industry cannot function without us. However, AligatoCoin technology will complement human efforts by providing systems that could not have been created using human brain. The main goal of the tam is to come up with a unique system that will be fully automated. The infallible delivery drones will redefine the manner in which stores deliver parcels to customers.

It is also important to note that the project is ecofriendly and will mainly rely on renewable energy sources such as solar energy. Clearly, this is an innovative project that will change how the world operates.

Final Thoughts

AligatoCoin blockchain platform will help stores from all across the globe realize the full potential by providing solutions that will reduce their operating costs, enhance service delivery, as well as customer service. E-commerce industry will never be the same again with this genius AligatoCoin onboard.

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