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BGX ICO Review

The mobile games industry has progressed exponentially from the time the Nokia 3310 and Motorola brands ruled the industry. Both adults and children play mobile games, there are over two billion players, and they bring in huge revenue for mobile applications. Statistics shows that most smartphone users have more than one game app installed in their phones.

The Solution BGX Offers

bgx icoThe big companies in the mobile games segment have imposed strenuous rules that hinder the entry of new developers, formation of specialized and local app stores, integration of cryptocurrency, lowering of player commissions, and most importantly the creation of a transparent mechanism of distributing incomes. There are millions of daily transactions relating to advertising, in-game purchases, and tournament participation. To support and encourage growth of the sector, mobile games need their own specialized infrastructure that accounts for the metrics of the market.

BGX seeks to provide a comprehensive solution in support of mobile game features and the resulting platform will combine blockchain technology with advanced article intelligence neural networks. With the platform, app markets and mobile game developers will access different monetization models, built is support for their games, fees less than 10% and distribution of their games to millions of players worldwide.

The BGX Platform

The BGX platform is protected from crypto-volatility, it is open-sourced and has a capacity and speed far more superior that the Ethereum blockchain. The platform will also enable every user on t to share in on the profits. BGX will also introduce an app that will be a market place where users can shop and browse for games. The users will also benefit from automatic game recommendations tailored to their tastes thanks to the AI neural networks.

To fund the platform operations, BGX is offering ERC20 standard tokens and after the token sale is over, there will users; developers and intermediaries will be able to use and earn tokens in a variety of ways. You can earn the tokens when playing, when you use cross border payments, when you take Fiat-out, and pay low fee exchange.

The Team

Costa Zakharov the operational director, Igor Mishenev, the business development director, and Valery Khvatov, the technology director, founded BGX. The rest of the team includes a marketing director, a mobile development lead, a delivery director, a crypto-finance officer, a product development expert, a product and a brand manager.

The team is backed by a 9-member advisory board whip have experienced and technical experience not only in mobile games sector, but also in marketing, legal, business, ICO, among other disciplines.

Our Verdict

We enjoy the mobile games we play, but how many times do you think of the developer who spent countless hours bring it to reality? They hardly getting their fair share of the revenue and investing in BGX is a sure way to give the developers more power to be creative knowing then will reap from the fruits of their labor. You can lead more about the technology and the platform on the whitepaper, but to participate in the ICO, you must sign up on their official website.

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