Coinzilla Boosts Crypto Traffic Game Even After Big Companies Implement a Ban on Ads


Major cryptos that have been in the market for a while as well as the new currencies that were launched in 2017 recorded significant profits in 2017. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) also proved to be one of the guaranteed ways of getting funding from investors who are interested in a new coin launched in the market.
The boom in the industry has resulted in some experts referring to the cryptocurrency industry as a bubble waiting for the right time to burst. However, such speculations have not hindered investors from investing in the industry. Thousands of new investors get into the industry and even launch companies that eventually create their own cryptos.

Impact of Competition on Altcoins

Just like any other business, not all the new cryptos that are launched into the market actually get the expected exposure and become successful. Competition is one of the main factors that come into play especially when new crypto companies venture into this niche for the first time. Another major challenge is getting significant traffic to the site to get the expected sales. More often than not, the companies spend thousands of dollars hiring people to improve their site SEO as well as apply expensive traffic generation strategies.

Coinzilla Project

Unfortunately, not all the experts are legit, some often send incentivized and fake traffic thereby results in little or no return on investment for the new crypto businesses. It is the realization of this challenge and the impact it has on the industry that motivated a team of experts to initiate the Coinzilla project.
The project aims to resolve this problem by connecting the legitimate and accredited cryptocurrency advertisers with publishers who are willing to spend money on real and effective website traffic generation services.

Objectives of Coinzilla

Coinzilla was launched in 2016 in November with the goal of helping new crypto businesses to get the funding they need to operate. It is a Romanian based startup that has so far had significant impact on the cryptocurrency advertising industry. Since the inception, they have refined their processes and come up with new ways of making sure that they deliver the promise of high laser targeted traffic to the respective websites. As a result, the investors who have tried out the service are currently recording high revenue and continue to rely on the service to get more revenue.
According to a recent study and article posted on Cryptovest, so far, Coinzilla has managed to conduct more than 1,200 advertising campaigns that are geared towards boost bitcoin popularity across the globe. At the moment, the company has the infrastructure and capability to deliver more than 350 million ads per month to every client and the team plans to improve their processes to provide more ads.
CPM revenue model is at the core of their operations. They offer not only floating ads but also the standard IAB banners that you have probably come across on both desktop and mobile platforms. The ads are expertly designed to capture the attention of the target audience and in result in high CTR ratio.

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