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DECOIN is a decentralized coin as well as a trading exchange platform with the aim of redistributing its gained profits to the coin holders. The team has integrated top of the line security measures and they promise users and investors easy and reliable transactions. With the proof of stake consensus algorithm, coin holders who stake DECOIN’s in their e-wallet, will be eligible to a 6.2% interest p.a. with respect to the number of DECOINs owned.
Their main product is an open source P2P digital environment with its own cryptocurrency, DTEP, powered by a trading and exchange platform. DTEP will also give traders various financial tools such as contract for difference (CFD) that will help them take advantage of a market’s volatility. However, their mission is to build customer care centers across the world to facilitate the adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. They have strong links of multi-lingual online-based customer service across the world to help investors understand blockchain technology, and trading cryptocurrencies. The platform, based in the Ukraine, is fully secure, regulated, and transparent.

DECOINIOICODECOIN has 5 types of credit cards and the card you get depends on the amount of your investment. This is to help the integration of cryptocurrency into everyday financial transactions. DECOIN will choose between 5 and 8 cryptocurrency companies in order to launch its DTEP crypto index (DCI). To buy the tokens, you must create an account on the official DECOIN website, and buy the DTEP. After the launch in June, investors can then withdraw DECOINs into your DECOIN wallet.

Token Allocation

All successful ICOs depend on the allocation, and to meet the set caps, DECOINs has allocated the tokens as follows
60% – DECOIN holders
18% – founders
16% – reserve
2% – bounty program
2% – team
2% – advisors

DECOINFunds Allocation

Should the ICO yield the soft cap, then DECOIN will allocate the funds as follows
23% – legal fees and licensing
20% – compliance and sales team
20% – marketing and PR
17% – liquidity pool
15% – research and development
5% – operations

The Team

The DECOIN team is a close knit family headed by Shay Perry the CEO, and his subordinates include a CTO, a CMO, the VP Business Development, a COO, and a Blockchain Developer. The team is backed by 6 advisors who have extensive knowledge and experience in various fields to help shape DECOIN’s success.


DECOIN is plans to protect their users and customers and are taking top-notch security measures. 97% of the funds will be stored offline and the remaining 3% will be actively traded and will be insured against malicious hacks. Read more on the DECOIN ICO on the whitepaper. In the meantime, you can keep up with the ICO progress by joining the conversation on Twitter and Telegram.

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