Dell to Use Blockchain Technology to Expand its Servers Clientele Base in India


Dell, a global technology company has announced that it plans to use blockchain technology to drive server expansion in India. As reported by CCN, the company has already put in place plans that will act as a blueprint when it starts to invest heavily in the technology.

The comments were made in light of Dell’s goal to retain its position at the helm of India’s lucrative server market. It is also reported that the multi-billion dollar tech company has received countless requests from potential clients to provide modern server solutions in the country.

In a recent interview with Economic Times, Manish Gupta, the Senior Director, stated that Dell is keen on creating and introducing new products into the market. The new products will be in line with blockchain technology, analytics, cloud, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Dell to Use Blockchain Technology in Server Delopment

Dell EMC clientele base in India comprises of financial organizations, local Information Technology firms, insurance companies, and the national government. Notably, Indian government is reported to be very interested in blockchain applications and is considering creating legislations that will promote adoption of the technology in the country.

Blockchain network has surpasses the original goal of the developers which was to create a decentralized system that would solve most of the challenges facing the traditional financial sector. At the moment, the same technology have proven to be capable of improve virtually any industry across the globe. Corporate giants, governments, and even startups are keen to get a piece of the pie by creating products that are compatible with blockchain tech and in line with the current market trends.

Governments are looking for ways of integrating blockchain technology into their day-to-day working model. One of the motivation is that blockchain is not as prone to hacking as the conventional networks. More importantly, blockchain is more secure, faster, and efficient in keeping records of past and current transactions.

Over the years, Dell has managed to establish a successful server and networking business model that is estimated to have generated revenue of $5.1 million global in the second quarter of 2018. The company is confident that embracing and using blockchain technology to improve its services will help it scale up and achieve more results in the yet to be exploited markets.

Notably, Dell launched a new product, PowerEdge MX, a next generation server that is capable of supporting emerging data center workloads such as blockchain as well as traditional data centers. The extent to which the new servers will be able to support blockchain network hasn’t being confirmed by the company. However, it is safe to say that the company will use all its resources, experience, and manpower to make sure that the new products are fully compatible with blockchain technology in a bid to continue reigning supreme in not only India but also in other parts of the world.

Closing Remarks

Dells plan to develop servers that will be compatible with blockchain technology will definitely help the company to expand its clientele base and dominate markets in countries such as India. The news of Dell to Use Blockchain Technology prove that it is harmless and continue to promote growth of companies and economies across the globe.

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