Demand for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Talent on the Rise


Demand for cryptocurrency and blockchain talent is on the rise, and this one of the signs of a maturing market. As the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry develops and expand, companies that are interested in investing in the industry are looking for professionals who have a deep understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

These companies are also offering salaries and other benefits that are higher than the average conventional companies that are yet to embrace this new technology can offer. Despite the low market sentiments and bear market, the industry is maturing and will continue to grow thanks to the various institution changes of heart when creating regulations.

Glassdoor Report Overview

A recent report that was done by Glassdoor and cited by News BTC shows that new employment opportunities in the blockchain industry has increased by more than 300% in the last twelve months. The report also went ahead to indicate that more than 1,700 positions were advertised in August this year. In addition to the plethora of employment opportunities, the medium salary for blockchain or cryptocurrency related job position is current at $84,884 per year. Quick arithmetic shows that this is 61.8% higher than the current medium salary here in the United States, $52,461.

In a bid to ensure that they use accurate data to analyze the market, Glassdoor only sampled job postings in the United States that used terms such as Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the job description section. Researchers also noted that most of the blockchain related jobs were related to cryptocurrency projects such as initial coin offerings.

Cryptocurrency Industry Looking for Non-Technical and Technical Expertise

As company executives and professionals start to understand blockchain technology and its potent capabilities, professionalization of the industry accelerates. The demand for experts who have both technical and non-technical expertise in cryptocurrency and blockchain has increased significantly.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that a majority of the jobs advertised in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry are usually related to software development and management. Candidates who qualify for these jobs need to have special computer science and cyber development skills.

Product Managers and Analyst Relations Managers are also in high demand in the industry. This is based on the fact that the companies are looking for professionals who will help them launch their products and monitor it to ensure that the company is heading in the right direction and making the right decisions.

Glassdoor report also indicated an increase in employment opportunities for community managers and marketers whose role revolve around coming up with marketing campaigns and carry out market analysis to understand the interests and needs of the target customers.

The report also showed that the three main job providers in the industry are:

  • ConsenSys = 214 openings
  • IBM = 214 openings
  • Coinbase = 63 job openings


Despite some experts analysis that that the cryptocurrency market is in a downturn, companies that operate in the industry are growing at an exponential rate and this is a clear sign of a maturing market that need to be supported to ensure that all parties involved get maximum ROI.

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