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EIPlatform Review

EIPlatform (EIP) is a blockchain-powered platform that will give users the ability to take full advantage of Esports. Notably, Esports market is one of the most profitable and fast growing industries in the world with an average annual growth rate of audience higher than any other sport in the world today.

EIP aims to give millions of people from all across the globe an opportunity to make money in this market by providing a decentralized ecosystem that will give companies and brands an opportunity to acquire unique content. The ecosystem will also ensure that the audience gets information about exclusive offers available in a timely manner.

As a result, brands in the Esports industry will get a clear perspective of the needs and expectations of their target audience. They will also be able to optimize their expenses on various sponsorship programs. On the other hand, the audience will get a rare opportunity of knowing the budgets of their preferred or favorite companies and brands.

Problems that EIP will solve

  1. Most of the companies and brands do have a good understand of the audience as well as the dynamics of the Esports industry
  2. Decreasing efficiency in the Esports market
  3. New streamers, small teams, and little-known tournaments that are of valuable to the local community have limited access to budget of the large/global companies
  4. Marketing budget of major brands in the industry are grabbed by intermediaries and marketing agencies thereby making it ineffective in promoting talent at grassroot level
  5. Lack of direct participation in Esports development by a large segment of the target audience

Benefits that EIP will provide to Esports Industry

  • Eliminate barriers and intermediaries that prevent brands from connecting directing with their respective audiences
  • Provide smart contracts that will improve business operations
  • Apply artificial intelligence system that will identify and accurately classify personal traits and behaviors in the Esports industry. this technology will also help decipher complex interactions of the users behavior and provide accurate data to the brands
  • Users will be able to use EMP tokens to pay for contracts as well as rewards in loyalty and promotion programs
  • Streamline sponsorship expenses by laying down policies and regulations that will ensure efficiency and profitability of each brand involved
  • Provide a consistent flow of new sponsorship opportunities thereby promoting wise investment
  • The audience will be granted exclusive access to goods and services offered by various Esports companies and brands
  • The blockchain technology will provide not only the companies but also the users’ access to a broad range of Esports enthusiast audience. This will in turn provide more opportunities for monetization

Closing Remarks

EIP is a revolutionary blockchain platform that will have a major impact in the cryptocurrency world by providing an ecosystem where brands and companies in the Esports industry can connect and interact with users directly. More importantly, it will also guarantee profits by using artificial intelligence to analyze the behaviors of various segments of the audience. For more details, visit the Official website or read the Whitepaper.

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