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Entry.Money Review

ENTRY is the latest blockchain powered platform enabled by smart contracts that acts not only as a bank through the offering of lending and payment services, easy and quick deposits, cross-border payments, convenient withdrawals via ATMs, but by also acting as a cryptocurrency exchange for individuals as well as businesses. The mission behind the creation of ENTRY is to be the bridge between new and traditional financial products and services led by cryptocurrencies as well as to empower the financial ecosystem with a framework that enables inter-operability between the two paradigms. ENTRY has 6 modules
phone_card_atm3ENTRY.MONEY – a fiat and cryptocurrency payment platform for ecommerce sites with mobile and web app versions
ENTRY.Exchange – a high standard, centralized, and P2P instant cryptocurrency exchange supported worldwide
ENTRY.Network – a custom blockchain, open source code, smart contracts, wallet, and custom token creation platform
ENTRY.Cash – a point of service payment platform to allow for cash transactions such as cash out, transfer, cash top up via agents or ATMs
Entry.Bank – Blockchain technology that enables quick, stress-free, and cheap cross border payments
ENTRY Token – tokens that will be used as the main cryptocurrency on the ENTRY platform and as a main or side cryptocurrency on other platforms.
There are different prices for the Entry token on different stages. Depending on the issued ENTRY tokens, the price will keep on rising. For example, the ENTRY.MONEY stage runs between 75,000,001 and 135,000,000 issued tokens with the price rising from 0.15 EUR to 0.19 EUR.

Token Distribution

All successful ICOs depend on the distributions of its tokens. Here is how ENTRY has distributed the 590,000,000 tokens.
55% – ICO Token sale
20% – Team
17% – Advisors
5% – SCO
3% – Bounty

Funds Allocation

Should the ICO reach the intended soft cap, here is how the funds will be distributed
40% – Business development
22% – legal
20% – marketing
10% – operation cost
5% – Research
3% – Bug bounty program

The Team

The team behind entry experienced in vast disciplines such as marketing and business development, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and fintech. Tomas Ambrazas is the CEO a chairman of an EU licensed money institution and his subordinates include 3 developers, a CFO, 3 community heroes, 2 backend developers, a social media hero, 2 business strategists, a CFOO, a strategic planner, a project and financial consultant. There is also an ICO consultant, 2 financial analysts, 2 project, and operational managers, a financial controller, and a mobile developer. The team is supported by advisors with years of experience in the banking, fintech and blockchain disciplines.


There is the need to create a hassle free banking platform that will allow easy and cheap transactions, and ENTRY is the platform to make it happen. Read on more about this blockchain platform on their white paper as well as the roadmap on the official ENTRY site. Join in on the conversation by following ENTRY on Twitter and Telegram.

Bitcointalk username: Ico President

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