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EQUI Capital Review

EQUI Capital is a new generation venture capital investment opportunity that is powered by Ethereum blockchain. One of the main objectives of this platform is to provide an equal investment opportunity to all the users. This means that investors who take advantage of this ICO will be able to invest in various assets that were previously unavailable to them such as luxury cars and high-end properties across the globe.

EQUI platform designers are aware of the numerous challenges facing similar platforms especially security and fraud attacks. As a result, they have worked smart to come up with a web platform that is transparent, secure, and user friendly thereby eliminating such risks completely.
EQUI platform also aims to create a clear channel that will facilitate venture capital investments in the current digital world that has been taken over by blockchain technologies. As mentioned earlier, you will also get access to high-end investments that were only available to people and institution with ultra-high net worth.

Why Take Advantage of EQUI Capital

  1. EQUI Capital platform will provide a list of credible investment opportunities that will boost your financial stability. The investment opportunities include next generation technology companies, real world assets and other investments that the team will analyze and prove to have the ability to change various markets
  2. The platform will encourage innovators to come up with viable business solutions by provide in-depth and accurate business knowledge, clear guidance to ensure their venture flourish and continuing expert counseling.
  3. The investments will run a robust blockchain technology that eliminates risks and challenges associated with online investing
  4. Breaks the monopoly of certain individuals in the society as well as investment firms that are fond of taking advantage of all powerful investments in the world
  5. Provide unlimited opportunities to ordinary investors who may not have huge amounts of money to invest in the traditional ventures

EQUI Capital Tokens Lockup Period

The company has put in place two lockup periods namely:

  • Advisors:  Six months (Post Public crowd sale of tokens)
  • Team, Company, Founders & Reserve: There will be six months initiation window after which they will be realized quarterly for more than two years. The tokens will be released in equal amounts

At the moment, the Whitelist is still available and any investor who is willing to invest in this rare opportunity can join by submitting their email address on the website. One of the benefits of joining the whitelist is that all members will be given first access to Public Pre-Sale. It is also important to note that the Beta MVP platform will be launched in June 2018.

Final Thoughts

EQUI Capital is indeed a good investment platform that will provide millions of people from all the countries that are allowed to participate in the ICO to make profits by investing in assets that are carefully selected and verified by the company’s experts. Visit the official Website or read the Whitepaper for more information.

– Bitcointalk ANN/BOUNTY
– Bitcointalk Username: Ico President

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