Former SpaceX Engineer Launches a Crypto Exchange Platform


The beauty of cryptocurrency is that anyone who understands how the technology works can join and profit from it. A former SpaceX engineer, Joshua Greenwald has launched a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is designed to offer more trading opportunities to millions of digital currency investors from all across the globe.

During his tenure at SpaceX, he was the head of automation and propulsion in the popular Moonraker project. Well cryptocurrency is different from space engineering but Joshua is confident that his expertise will come in handy especially when making managerial decisions.

LXDX- New Cryptocurrency Exchange

Joshua Greenwald new exchange platform LXDX will have a tremendous impact on the industry especially at this time when investors are looking for a trading platform that is secure and reliable. It is important to note that Greenwald was a trader for more than ten years while still working at SpaceX. One of the main reasons why he opted to create this platform is to provide institutional investors with nascent assets that are more accessible. The platform is also idea for individual investors as it is packed with professional grade tools that one can use to make informed trading decisions.

In a statement reported by CCN, Joshua states that the main focus of the company is to give every investor an opportunity to make money by providing exclusive trading tools such as smart order routing that were previously only available to institutions. The platform offers credible solutions to most of the problems facing the current exchange platforms in the market today.

Funding From Corporate Firms

Ever since Joshua Greenwald floated the idea of creating the cryptocurrency platform and pitched investors, he has managed to get funding from a number of firms such as Dymon Asia Capital that supported the project with $4.9 million. In a bid to position the platform for success, LXDX was moved to Malta, one of the countries that is very supportive of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Other notable firms that have also relocated to this blockchain island include Binance,, and OKEx.

Voyage, a global cryptoasset investing platform that was developed by a former Uber executive official introduced an institutional brokerage arm into the market to promote trading operations of institutional investors. The brokerage firm is headed by a former bank executive from France who has years of experience and deep understanding of cryptocurrency.

Anticipated Success of LXDX

One of the unique selling points of LXDX that is going to help it succeed is the fact that it offers numerous trading tools that investors can use to know which crypto assets to spend their money on. The tools have been tested and found to be effective in helping traders make smart decisions on the fly. Secondly, the platform is located in a cryptocurrency friendly island, Malta, and so you can be sure that your interests will be catered for at all times.

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