HTC Launches a Blockchain Powered Smartphone – Exodus 1

htc exodus 1

Blockchain technology can no longer be ignored and it will continue to redefine our lives positively. HTC, a renowned smartphone manufacturer, was recently rumored to be in the process of launching the first ever HTC blockchain smartphone. Turns out that the rumor was actually true as evident from a news article that was published on CNBC.

HTC Exodus 1 Blockchain Smartphone

HTC Exodus 1 is now available in the market and has already gained a massive traction across the globe. One of the highlights of this HTC blockchain smartphone is that it comes with a special area that is separated from the conventional Android operating system. This section is meant to keep user’s cryptocurrency or digital assets safe and secure.

htc-exodus-blockchain smartphoneThe development and launching of this phone is a major step in the right direction for this giant smartphone manufacturing company. The manufacturer is keen on embracing new technologies and is proof of the shift in the smartphone development technology.

At the time of writing, this smartphone is only available on a pre-order basis and the current price is 4.78 Ether tokens or 0.15 bitcoins. Based on the current value of botch cryptocurrencies in most exchange platforms, you would have to part with $960 if you purchased the phone using fiat currency.

When launching the phone, this Taiwanese phone manufacturer told the press that the company managed to develop its own digital wallet, Zion that will enable users of the smartphone to store their cryptocurrencies and have access to them on the go.

The secluded area that we highlighted earlier on in this article is a section of a phone’s primary chip. This section operates independently even though the phone runs on Android operating system. This technology was made by SoftBank’s Arm Holdings and the main goal is to ensure that clients’ cryptocurrencies are always safe.

The wallet will be the custodian of all the private keys or as most people love to refer to them, “the lines of code that only the cryptocurrency owner knows and has access to at all times. When asked why they decided to separate this section from Android, the team said that they Google operating system has some loopholes that can compromise the centralized system. Concisely, it would make it easy for hackers to steal the HTC blockchain smartphone user’s cryptocurrencies remotely.

blockchain smartphone HTCChen also went ahead to state that the four major and dominant companies in the world are Tencent, Baidu, Facebook, Google, and Alibaba. This is simply because they have access to all the data they need to make corporate decisions. More importantly, they own the data.


HTC blockchain smartphone will have a major impact on the cryptocurrency industry as well as phone manufacturing sector. We expect to see other manufacturing companies such as Apple follow suit and launch their own versions of blockchain powered smartphones in the near future. What is you take on this new HTC blockchain powered smartphone? Share with us through the comment section.

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