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iTrue ICO Review

iTrue is a new blockchain network that will change the manner in which businesses and individual users of the system take advantage of this new technology. Simply put, it is a blockchain-as-a-service solution that is backed up by an inbuilt authentication system that relies on biometrics as the main micro service.

Goals and Objectives of iTrue

One of the main objectives of iTrue is to create a secure blockchain ecosystem that will give developers and enterprises an equal and favorable environment to build secure, extensible, and scalable applications for their personnel and clients. The ecosystem is designed to reward all the users in the system for sharing their data. Businesses will also be rewarded handsomely for participating in the application marketplaces and sharing their data.

Speed is a major concern considering the amount of activity that will be taken place in the ecosystem. iTrue team is aware of this fact and have developed an innovative stone storage solution that will ensure that tasks are done at a high speed at all times without compromising the privacy and security of the data stored as well as the other users.

Facts about Challenges that iTrue Will Solve

  • 49% and 59% of e-commerce cart abandonment is a result of users forgetting their password respectively
  • 49% of US users are concerned about the safety of their biometric data
  • 35% of US citizens are concerned that their bank or financial services provider could have access to their private biometric data
  • Facial recognition is considered a major privacy threat especially if the underlying systems can be compromised. Note that this security feature is legal in Russia and widely used in China for security and surveillance purposes

Details of iTrue Token Ecosystem

As mentioned earlier, iTrue is a blockchain platform that is designed to integrate authentication independent of gadgets, plastic cards, and passwords. To achieve this goal, the platform will use microservices as the foundation or building blocks.

The platform brings together businesses, corporations, and individuals in one ecosystem that is expertly developed to offer unlimited opportunities to all participants. The decentralized data storage and identification platform ensures that all data transfers are done securely and efficiently.

It is also important to note that the platform is not tailored or will not be involved in selling of data. Instead, it will give developers and businesses an excellent opportunity to share data and use the information available on the platform to grow their businesses or achieve a particular objective.

For example, developers will be able to come up with applications that will leverage the microservices available in the ecosystem such as authentication and identity verification. Users will be automatically notified when someone in the ecosystem requests for their data, and they will be rewarded for their involvement in the data sharing activity.

Another major highlight that gives iTrue an upper hand is that the authentication service coupled with biometrics can be used by third-party application developers to offer services. This is based on the fact that the platform is designed to allow them integrate their own solutions and unique app features into the platform.

Final Thoughts

iTrue will be instrumental in improving the data security and the manner in which it is shared across the globe. Based on the statistics provided earlier, millions of people are concerned about how businesses and corporations use their data. This platform will ensure that they are rewarded whenever their data is used by a particular business. Such a level of transparency will eliminate the fear that your biometric data could be used for the wrong activities. Feel free to visit the OFFICIAL iTrue Website and WHITEPAPER to read more about this innovating blockchain project.

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