Minter Network: Advancing Cryptocurrency Industry


Bitcoin was developed exactly one decade ago and since them its underlining brand strength and resilience has helped it to reign supreme in the lucrative and competitive global cryptocurrency market. Just like any other market, cryptocurrency market generates money through sale and purchase of various digital currencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum. As reported by News BTC, Minter Network is in the process of launching a project that will take cryptocurrency industry to the next level of success.

What is Minter Network

To help you get a better understanding of Minter Network, imagine a blockchain ecosystem that gives users an opportunity to create their own digital tokens freely. The ecosystem also give uses the ability to facilitate exchange and transfer of the coins issued in the network. More importantly, users get an opportunity to exchange their coins for other renowned digital currencies such as Ether, Bitcoin, and even fiat currency such as USD.

Minter blockchain network originates from DeCenter, the largest Russian cryptocurrency telegram community. The network was developed by a team of blockchain professionals for everyday use. One of the main objectives of the network is to maintain absolute liquidity and still operate as an intermediary free network.

The network will satisfy the demand for a fast, dependable, and efficient medium of cryptocurrency exchange. To materialize this goal, Minter Network will develop its own cryptocurrency called BIP (Blockchain Instant Payment) and coin minting. These futuristic cryptocurrencies will give content creators, local businesses, and community leaders a chance to issue their own BIP backed coins to clients securely.

At any given point, every BIP coin generated will have a specific value and all users in the ecosystem will be able to exchange it for other digital coins that will be issued inside the Minter Network. As mentioned earlier, it will also be possible to exchange the coins with other major and globally recognized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

At the time of writing, the developers are creating a framework that will facilitate exchange of Minter Network based coins and BIP for conventional fiat currencies such as USD and Euro. Verified sources from the company indicate that transactions will be done in less than 5 seconds and users will benefit from low transaction fees, less than 0.01 USD. Absolute and instant liquidity are other primary benefits and highlights of this unique blockchain network.

Already, project has a fully functional Android and Apple wallet, console, and Telegram bot wallet. All these features will help users send and receive coins fast and securely as well, as monitor the market trends. The management team has also revealed that Minter will hold the largest airdrop in Telegram history after the official launch of the company. Lucky users will get approximately 1,000 BTC worth of BIP. If you are willing to be part of this project, you have until October 31st 2018 to sign up.


The beauty of the cryptocurrency industry is that any company that has the human resources and infrastructure can come up with a blockchain network and start offering digital currencies. The ripple effect of this new developments is growth of the industry and increase in demand for various cryptocurrencies.

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