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MONVID is a decentralized video streaming platform that is tailored to give millions of people from all across the globe access to high quality videos. In a bid to ensure that it meets needs of as many people as possible, the platform developers have incorporated special features to offer both P2P video streaming and Proxied video streaming.

monvid icoWhat is P2P Decentralized Video Streaming

At the moment, when you login to streaming website, the company will send the content to you from their servers located across the globe. However, p2p decentralized video streaming is designed to store the videos in more than one server and the most nearest to your location will serve you. Daaps that are more transparent, resilient, flexible, and have a more robust incentivized structure than the conventional software will be used to facilitate the process.

More importantly, since you will not be required to pay subscription fees, you will be able to watch premium content on the network and only pay based on the length or number of videos that you actually watch. The system will also reward streamers for the network traffic and storage space used.

Decentralized Proxied Video Streaming

If you wanted unlimited access to Netflix or any other service, you would have to pay high subscription fees. In the event that the government has banned or restricted access to that service in your country, you will have to use a VPN or remote desktop. Decentralized proxied video streaming that MONVID offers resolves this problem by overriding the restrictions.

monvid icoConcisely, proxy streaming means that you can access virtually any video that is posted on the internet even if it is blocked in your country. In addition, you will be paid with unlimited number of streaming servers located in different parts of the world by just joining and streaming videos on the network. Your involvement will significantly help to improve the quality of content and smoothen the streaming of videos.

What Makes MONVID Different?

  • It offers a network and services that are completely scalable
  • It is available in any country in the world
  • Agencies and governments cannot censor or infiltrate the network to know who is using the platform and the videos that are watched thereby promoting privacy
  • Data transfer process is encrypted therefore not traceable
  • Users get access to high quality content faster
  • Both content publishers and community members who enjoy the content get rewarded for using the network

Final Remarks

MONVID decentralized video streaming platform will be instrumental in promoting distribution of content online. The fact that the network is secure and data is encrypted throughout the transfer process means that the users’ personal details such as location will not be revealed to any prying agency.

In addition, you will get paid for streaming videos on the network and be granted access to high quality videos without paying high subscription fees. Finally, censored content or videos that have been banned in your country will be readily available and you don’t have to worry about being arrested since your personal details are not traceable. Visit the official website and read the Whitepaper to get more insights about MONVID today.

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