New York University Starts to Offer Course in Blockchain Technology


There is no secret that blockchain technology will soon change the manner in which companies and business operate. Learning institutions are not been left behind and have started showing signs of joining the wave by offering courses related to blockchain technology.

New York University Offers a Major in Blockchain Tech

New York University is the first university here in the United States to offer students an opportunity to major in blockchain technology, reported by Coin Telegraph. The program will be offered by the Stern School of Business that notably made the headlines for being the premier provider of courses related to cryptocurrencies. In a recent interview, Professor Andrew Hinkes stated that the main goal of the new program is to help the students get a deeper understanding of the technology. It will empower them with information about the business and legal implications related to adoption of the technology.

Another Associate Professor in the University, Katheleen Derose said that the university expects to get support from other companies that are vocal about the technology. The increase in the number of students willing to take the course has forced the learning institution to double their intake so as to accommodate all of them.

More Learning Institutions Offer Cryptocurrency Classes

  A report that was released last month revealed that 42% of the top rated universities in the world offer one or more cryptocurrency and blockchain classes to students. During the study, 172 classes were analysed by the researchers to determine the feelings of the students as well as the tutors. Notably, 15% of the classes are offered by business, finance, economics, and law departments while only 4% of the classes are in the social science department. It is also important to point out that the report indicated that crypto-related and blockchain courses are more popular in United States than in any other part of the world.

United States college students’ interest in this new technology is not only evident from the educational programs that they take but also the investment that they make online.  Student Loan Report published in March indicated that 21.2% of college students decided to use their education loans to invest in cryptocurrencies with the hope that the prices would increase and help them pay back the loan faster and easily.


The introduction of courses related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in learning institution will greatly help to fuel adoption of this tech across the globe. The fact that professors and other personnel are conversant with the technology and confident that it will change the world positively will encourage more people to invest in the technology.

Learning institutions in other parts of the world should follow suit so as to empower their students with information about the technology. In the process, some will come up with new innovations that will further promote growth of the industry.

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