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NextPakk ICO Review

Chances are that you will not be at home, when a delivery us made and this will force the delivery person to return the item to the seller. The logistics of having the item shipped to you again are tedious and costly too. NextPakk is a delivery service that allows you to schedule your deliveries within one hour that you will be home. The service incorporates blockchain technology to track the packages, while at the same time protecting the identity of the recipient and ensuring that there is timely delivery.

The Problem and the NextPakk Last-Mile Logistics Solution

Statistics show that at least 30% of Americans have reported their packages stolen or lost. In an attempt to mitigate the inconvenience of missed deliveries, as well as stolen or lost deliveries, 35% of Americans prefer to have their packages delivered to an alternate address and the result is increased emission, extra costs due to the distance travelled.

NextPakk-ReviewNextPakk is looking to decentralize package delivery by using blockchain technology. The delivery personnel will get payment and escrow in form of Pakk tokens. This will open up shipping to anyone to act as a courier. NextPakk uses a similar model to that of Uber, AirBnB among others to deliver the packages, and this creates an avenue for people to earn extra income in their free time. NextPakk will use the DApps based on Pakka blockchain to conduct logistics business and offer last-mile services. The Pakka token will be used for payment right from package pick up until it is delivered.

The NextPakk Ecosystem

The NextPakk ecosystem is a combination of the sharing economy and blockchain technology, and while each is disruptive in their own special way, NextPakk combines them to create a decentralized platform where customers can schedule their deliveries for the evenings when they are home all week. The ecosystem is a market place for local and ecommerce businesses where shoppers can arrange for package delivery points.

NextPakk will collaborate with local businesses to create more package delivery points (PDPs) and the proximity to consumers. Once the packages are at the PDPs, the final delivery distance will be shorter, no more than 5 miles. This move will also help beat traffic hiccups faced by traditional package delivery systems. Since the customer directs when they will be at the delivery point, there will be zero loss, and this way, sharing economy will transform last mile logistics.

The Team

nextpakkLowell Fortune is the CEO at NextPakk who is a US Air Force veteran, has 5 subordinates in the senior management level including the chief algorithms officer, a technical advisor, the chief legal officer, chief marketing officer, and the chief financial officer. To guide them, they have a 9-member board of advisors versed in various disciplines.

Our Verdict

NextPakk vision of transforming last-mile logistics by using the sharing economy based on blockchain technology is genius. They are issuing an ICO to raise funds for their operations and it is worth buying into it. Be sure to read their whitepaper, after which you can sign up for the crowd sale on the official website.

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