Geforce GTX 1080 Ti

Nvidia has been making GPUs for years now, and they have shown that they enjoy improving their graphics cards with new hardware upgrades and technology. The Geforce GTX 1080 Ti gained a lot of attention from both gamers and miners, despite its rather hefty price tag. The GTX 1080 Ti costs around $699, and benchmarking tests have indicated that the 1080 Ti could be an option for Ethereum miners who are constantly in the market for a good mining GPU.

The GTX 1080 Ti has uses GDDR5X memory, making it one of the select few Nvidia cards to be using this new standard. GDDR5X has data transfer rates as high as 10Gbit/s, making it much more efficient than GDDR5.

Pros & Cons of Using the NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti

Nvidia-GTX-1080-TiAs for energy consumption, what exists on paper and what exists through actual use can often vary. On paper, there is a 250W limit on non-synthetic operations. There is a Founders Edition of the GTX 1080 Ti that increases this limit to 300W. There is a trade off, however, as more power consumption leads to higher energy costs and the need for more efficient cooling in exchange for the extra oomph.

It is possible to underclock the 1080 Ti, however there isn’t a lot of information about doing so. This isn’t to say that people haven’t already been working on this, and several have already said that their is a lot going for the 1080 Ti in terms of underclocking.

The cooling system leaves a lot to be desired, however. Many have complained about the GTX 1080 Ti’s over heating issues, and the general consensus is to lock your fans at 100%. This will increase your energy use though, which takes a chunk out of your daily return as an Ethereum miner. You can offset this by using fans and an air conditioner to keep the room and the system cool. The reasoning behind locking your fans at 100% is simple and makes a lot of sense, however. The GTX 1080 Ti will start to throttle itself if it gets to hot, causing a cut in the performance of your mining operations as the GPU tries to cool itself. Locking your fans at 100% will work around the GPU throttling, ensuring that your mining goes without too much hassle.

It Could Have Potential

The GTX 1080 Ti from Nvidia is a great gaming card in the Geforce family of GPUs, and many miners have seen that this card has something going for it. However, there are a lot of power consumption and heating issues with the Geforce GTX 1080 Ti. It has a hash rate of around 30 MH/s, which is fairly decent for mining Ethereum. The biggest issue with using this GPU is keeping it cool and reducing its power consumption. If you can manage both of those while still mining efficiently, this GPU could prove to work very well in a mining rig.

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