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GEFORCE GTX 970 Review

Ethereum mining is seeing a surge in popularity, and many are choosing to build their own Ethereum mining rigs. The gamers and the miners are at war as they both seek to get there hands on the good GPUs, and the miners are coming out on top with their buy in bulk methods. Because miners need multiple rigs to make mining Ethereum more profitable, the good GPUs are flying off the shelves. Not all GPUs are created equal, and to say that they were would be the biggest fallacy of the modern era.
Just because a card is good for gaming doesn’t mean that it can efficiently handle mining operations. Take a look at the Nvidia’s Geforce GTX 970, for example.

ge forceWhen it comes to gaming GPUs, Nvidia has long been known for its line of high performance graphics processing unitys (GPUs). The Geforce family of Nvidia GPUs has been around for a long time, and is one of the longest running families of game worthy GPUs to date. Nvidia’s Geforce GTX 970 is another member of the Geforce family of graphics processors and was created specifically for high performance gaming. Built upon the Maxwell architecture, the GTX 970 has a 1.5MHz clock and 4GB of GDDR5 memory with a 1,753 MHz clock. It has 1,664 stream processors and more than 5 billion transistors. The Geforce GTX 970 is uses two 6 pin connectors to connect to the power supply.

The Geforce GTX 970 sits in the middle of the Geforce tier of graphics cards. It sits comfortably at the low end of the higher tier cards and the high end of the lower tier cards. Its GM204 core is also used in the GTX 980, which is slightly better with 2,048 stream processors and a 1,126MHz base clock.
The Gefroce GTX 970 has seen a lot of improvements as the stream processing was tweaked to more efficiently handle power, which has lead to lower internal temperatures. The Radeon R9 290 is the Geforce GTX 970s biggest competition at the moment, as it is a superior card with a lower price.

NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-970The Good, the Bad and the Hash

The Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 is one of the more popular the Nvidia GPUs among gamers. The competition is fierce between the GTX 970 and the Radeon R9 290. Fans of Nvidia gravitate towards the GTX 970 while AMD fans prefer the Radeon R9 290. Spec wise, the Radeon is slightly superior and has a lower cost. For Ethereum mining, the GTX 970 will take about 634 days to pay itself off. It has a low hash rate, however, with some people reporting up to 20MH/s with some tweaking. It uses a 125W power supply,.

Is It Good For Mining Ethereum?

The Geforce GTX 970 is good for gaming, but with its high price and low hash rate, it isn’t the most viable option for a mining GPU. You would be better off with a more proven card with a higher hash rate.

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