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Over 95% of the world’s population is connected to the internet, and this creates an opportunity for marketers to bog users with ads and hackers spreading tracking and malware software. One platform,, is poised on making the internet safer and more enjoyable by ensuring that users have a secure browsing experience. This is a noble course and it is capital intensive. However, they have already raised over $5 million during their private sale, and they are looking to attain their hard carp of $50 million by the end of their ICO. People who are willing to invest over $10,000 can join the private sale and enjoy bigger bonuses.

online.ioThey are looking to eliminate ads from an internet user’s browsing experience and they maintain that web operators will benefit from financial rewards. They are also looking to safeguard you from malicious hackers by incorporating a tracking script blocker to disrupt a hacker’s ability to track a user’s real time web activity. They also plan to curtail the rise in cyber-attacks by offering an antivirus solution using a custom anti-malware and ad-blocking script to safeguard users’ personal data for better security online.

Token Allocation

The success of every ICO depends on the manner in which the tokens are distributed in order to attain the hard cap. Distribution of OIO tokens will be as follows
70% – distributed to the OIO community
15% – reserved for the company and will be locked for 12 months
10% – Marketing and loyalty purposes
5% – reserved for partner advisers

onlineThe OIO will also act as a POS and will generate ICE Tokens, where 20% of the generated ICE Tokens will be distributed to the OIO token holders who store their tokens on a special e-wallet. The distribution will be dependent on the tokens held. All the tokens not sold by the end of the ICO period will be destroyed. platform has not disclosed how they will allocate the funds collected from the sale of the tokens, and there is hope that they will update their whitepaper to reflect it.

The Team platform has eleven senior team members including Alexandru Iulian Florea the founder and CEO. His team is comprised of 2 CTOs, a development manager, 2 JavaScript developers, an Ethereum Developer, a business development manager, a business analyst, a Node.js developer, an art director, and a customer support lead. There is also a 10-member advisory board versed in various disciplines.


The internet is a common infrastructure for all and the increasing cybersecurity there is a bigger need for a platform like Read more on the platform from the whitepaper, and visit their official website to participate in the ICO and, you can also join in on the conversation on Twitter or joining the group on Telegram.

– Bitcointalk Username: Ico President
– Bitcointalk PROFILE URL
– Bitcointalk ANN Official Telegram

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