Only 8.5% of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Investors are Ladies



Have you ever wondered which gender invests more in Bitcoin and other altcoins? Well, a recent study whose report was published on Bitcoin News, has revealed a whole new aspect of the digital currency world. One of the most intriguing results that have caught experts by surprise is the fact that only 8.5% of all cryptocurrency investors are women.only-8-5-of-bitcoin-and-cryptocurrency-traders-are-female
The report also went ahead to reveal that most of the women who actually invest in these currencies have little or no previous experience with digital currencies and most of them are students or working in companies as sales and marketers. The study was funded and conducted by Etoro, a renowned multi-asset brokerage firm that wanted to get a clear perspective of the demographics of its customer base.
Another interesting fact to note from the report is that majority of the investors in bitcoin and other new cryptocurrencies are relatively new in the industry and have minimal investing experience. 81.96% were categorized at novice level while only 10.66% were defined to be in the intermediate level. Surprisingly, only 7.38% of all the people who were polled qualified to be categorized in the Advanced level based on their experience and market trends.
The report also went an extra mile to evaluate the academic qualifications and occupations of the people who invested in the currencies. 15.05% of the people who were surveyed are currently working in the IT and Computer industry while only 8.48% are in the finance niche. Notably, 14.49% of the people who were surveyed and recently invested in digital currencies work in the sales and marketing field.
It is also important to note that the report indicates that 30% of most of the crypto investors are not currently in the job market, 14.74% have no job at all 13.85% are students in various learning facilities, and 2.06% are retired and happily enjoying their pension.

Gender Balance in the Crypto World

One of the primary statistics that stands out from this study is the fact that the number of female who have invested in cryptocurrency is very low. Lack of female representation is a major concern especially for exchanges that and new digital currency companies that seek to improve the lives of female investors from all across the globe.bitcoin-de-19-bin-dolar-ile-rekor-kirildi-1512799263
A closer look at the report shows that only 8.5% of all investors are female compared to an overwhelming 91.5% male. This statistic is clear proof that the crypto world is a male dominated industry and there is need to come up with new policies and incentives to encourage more female investors to actively purchase and trade in Bitcoin and other currencies.
Finally, a look at the currencies that different genders, male and female prefer, most male investors prefer BCH, LTC, and ETC while Ripple XRP is the most preferred digital currency by most female investors. In summary, a Senior Marketing analyst at Etoro stated that Women Clearly Love Ripple and will continue to invest in it as long as the gains remain stable and favorable.

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