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Payera ICO Review

The use of cryptocurrencies in the current times is ridden with worry that they might lose value at any moment. There is also the fact that since there is no regulation, and the increased cyberattacks on crypto companies are enough to keep many people away. Payera is a company aiming to offer its customers a multifunctional solution by combining Cardera and Shop. The platform is based on the concept of the one of the most successful and known e-commerce enterprise in Asia, Shopera.

The Problem

Despite constant advertising on the advantages of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, many buyers and sellers are still skeptical about the complicated application as well as the floating rates. This has forced many people to keep using the traditional fiat payment methods tied to financial institutions such as banks.

Research has shown that buyers want security from cryptocurrencies and incase of disputes they can get refunds. Sellers on the other hand want to increase their turnover, and Payera is seeking to provide the solution to both the buyers and sellers.

payeraThe solution Payera has in mind seeks to create a new era in the crypto-payment gateway with PAY-/SHOP- AND CARDERA. Payera will offer full customer protection and with it, buyers will have the option of undertaking free internal wallet transactions. Sellers will have the opportunity to establish themselves as reputable crypto enterprises to increase their sales volume. Payera will offer the sellers protection against crypto-volatility by offering optional payment in the requested coin or fiat currency. It also has the shortest holding period with low fees, and like the buyers, Payers will offer the sellers the chance to do internal wallet transaction free. Payera token holders can exchange for the PERA coin. Their plan is that the tokens will be available on other platforms and the PERA coin will not be a speculative coin.

The Team

Payera is the brainchild of Atakan Ali Yildirim and Masrur Odinaev the CEO and CTO9 respectively. To help them accomplish their dream of becoming the best crypto platform in the world, they brought in Delia Teeran teh marketing manager and recruiter.

The team also has a head of marketing, head of design, a progject manager, a developer, a payera revmarketing strategist and PR, a finance and strategy manager, a software engineer, a deigner, a CDO,a blockchain developer and a community manager. To help them in their roadmap, they have a 4-member board of advisors. You can see their bios on LinkedIn.

Final Verdict

Payera has the vision of becoming the crypto platform with the largest user base in the world, and their unique value proposition is to eliminate the hassle of online shopping associated with cryptocurrencies. You can read more on the company and their ICO on the whitepaper and participate in the ICO by signing up on the official website. This ICO is worth investing in, so better join in early to enjoy fantastic bonuses. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are bound to create losers and winners, and should the Payera platform see the light of day, they will surely make cryptocurrency users winners.

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