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Payportal ICO Review

Everybody at one point in time have had a bad experience paying for goods and services, however, we do it on a daily basis, right from insurance, to transportation, you name it, you have to pay for it. The unseen benefit to this dark cloud is that payment options are now so diverse and you can settle your bills and make a purchase using good old hard cash, checks, credit or debit cards, even mobile money. However, most of the transactions we make on a daily basis are simple and easy to finalize, but some complex payment transactions require specialized payment systems and are more common in the business world.PAYPORTAL ICO
Payportal is the latest blockchain-based payment portal connecting consumers and businesses. It facilitates the easy payment for services and bills, no matter the complexity involved. The company behind Payportal was e4stablished in 2011, and to date, their systems have processed over 5oo million Rupees from managing 2300 retailers and 80 distributors in 2017 alone, which was a 45% increment from 2016, and they launched an initial coin offering (ICO) to fund and expand into blockchain technology as the basis of all their future products.

How Does Payportal Work

Payportal makes a connection between businesses and their consumers through the processing of online recharges, domestic money transfers, and bill payments. They have a Payportal wallet, which is convenient and secure.
The wallet number is linked to the owner’s mobile number, and they can download the wallet into their iOS and Android smartphones. By integrating blockchain technology, Payportal seeks to scale new heights with their payment platform. With blockchain technology, Payportal hopes to

  • Keep wallets safe in the case of a malicious hacker attacks or hardware failures by decentralizing their servers
  • Implement a cross border money transfer services to allow Indians in the diaspora to send and receive money from their family and friends. They plan to realize this phase of the plan through their own alt coins, PPTL. They are working on bringing outlets board to accept PPTL coins as a form of payment c0onvertible into Indian rupees at the last part of the transaction.
  • Every transaction done on the Payportal platform will be paid for in PPTL coins.


To realize the expansion, Payportal has generated 20 million ERC20 standard tokens. However, 14.5 million tokens will be available for sale at a price of 0.002 ETH for every PPTL token. The minimum transaction limit in the ICO will be 0.1 ETH and the remaining tokens after close of the crowd sale period on July 15, 208 will be destroyed. Payportal hopes to achieve a soft cap of 3,000 ETH, after which they will embark on increasing the sales effort in the Delhi area, advertising the Payportal on the internet, and developing their own blockchain.


Blockchain based payment platforms are becoming a common feature, with many of them being startups. However, Payportal is an already established company and they have the financial standing to show for it. Participating in the Payportal ICO is as easy as going to the OFFICIAL PAYPORTAL WEBSITE. You can also read their WHITEPAPER to get more insights.

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