PeruCoin: The Premier Cryptocurrency in Peru

PeruCoin ICO

The adoption rate of cryptocurrencies has been impressive over the last couple of years. Despite the high adoption rate recorded in some countries, some like Peru has a very low adoption rate, 0.07%. Lack of access to cryptocurrency market and information about cryptocurrencies are some of the plausible reasons for the slow adoption. Bits2U has developed the first crypto coin from Peru called PeruCoin.

What You Should Know About PeruCoin

Most experts who are conversant with the cryptocurrency industry in Peru are of the idea that most of the existing cryptocurrencies do not meet the needs of the majority of Peruvians. Bits2U experts resolved to create a cryptocurrency that is in line with the needs of the customers called PeruCoin.

Apart from satisfying, the needs of Peruvians who are interested in cryptocurrencies, the developers also home that it will spur the much-needed engagement and create awareness. For example, PeruCoin will help retail investors and institutional cryptocurrency investors in the country strengthen and diversity their finances by invest in cryptos.

The developers of this digital currency also have plans to establish cryptocurrency mining firms in the country to help promote growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies. The mining facilities will not only be a source of revenue to the developers and government, but also offer employment to the locals who will be trained on how to manage the facilities.

PeruCoin Initial Coin Offering Drive

In a bid to bring on board as many Peruvians as possible Bits2U has opted to go the ICO route. The Crowdsale drive will give thousands of investors an opportunity to get a piece of the pie before the prices of the coin skyrocket. Already, experts who have been evaluating the potential of PeruCoin are of the idea that this could easily become a game-changing project that will promote adoption of cryptocurrencies in South America.

PeruCoin is an ERC 20 compliant token that will run on Ethereum network. The total supply is 2 million tokens and the initial coin offering will run from February to April 2019. As noted by News Bitcoin, one PeruCoin has a value of 10 USD and a total of 500,000 tokens will available for sale during the ICO period. Luckily, early adopters can take advantage of the current discounted price, $6. This discounted price will only be available until December 2018. Thereafter, a presale period that will last for one month will give investors a change to purchase PERU at only $8 per coin.

PERU cryptocurrencyIt is also important to note that PeruCoin (PERU) will be available on many international exchanges. Therefore, investors will be able to purchase it using a range of payment options as well as exchange the coins for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies at will.

Other Services Rendered

PeruCoin advanced digital platform will also offer non-banking asset management solutions such as crypto advisory, trading services, and information on alternative financial strategies. All the revenue generated from the provision of these services will be used to establishing the mining farms.

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