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One of the most misunderstood investment options is stock exchanges, and we know people who have become billionaires from smart investing through the bourse such as William Buffet. However, we are in the modern age where cryptocurrencies are the new norm of investing, and more people are looking to it with less fear. However, most people do not how to go about it and they are held back by the recent cyberattacks on blockchain and cryptocurrency companies.

The Problem and the Qurrex Solution

qurrex icoApart from the stock exchanges, the cryptocurrency exchanges that have been in existence are mostly centralized, and this has led to many people losing their money. Various products address several cryptocurrency problems but there lack a universal solution to fix the challenges rife in the cryptocurrency market. With the cryptocurrency market gaining traction, fund managers are shying away from the cryptocurrency market because it largely remains unregulated, and lacks transparency.

However, Qurrex has a solution for these problems. In November 2016, Qurrex was formed as the first hybrid cryptocurrency exchange that includes an innovative multifunctional platform that allows for investing and social trading. The platform consists of a centralized node, comparable to the already effective traditional stock exchanges, a blockchain network, which provides a solution to the security problems while eliminating the intermediaries.

Qurrex is set to become the industry’s first universal cryptocurrency exchange, and it is focused on the futures by creating favorable conditions for those people and businesses looking to enter the cryptocurrency world. A decentralized system is not foreseeable in the medium and short term, but with continued development, Qurrex will become a decentralized exchange (DEX), but for now, Qurrex will remain centralized exchange (CEX).

The Team

The team behind Qurrex has a combined experience of over 10 years creating exchanges and broker systems as well as products for the traditional exchanges. Matthius Johan Lek, the founder and CEO, is at the helm of Qurrex. Other members of his team include Slava Baikalov the co-founder and the COO, Konstantin Sviridenko, the Qurrex’s chairperson of the supervisory board as well as the chief development officer, Kirill Gotovtsev the chief marketing officer, and Andrey Sitaev the chief technical officer.

Other team members include the product manager, the IT project manager, a back office architect, three lead developers, head of sales, the team leader of research and development, head of marketing strategy, and the director of corporate development and new projects. Qurrex has nine advisors who offer their technical expertise, experience, and networks to the team.

Our Verdict

The idea behind Qurrex is a noble and should they succeed in getting the platform off the ground and working as per their road map it will eliminate most of the problems associated with cryptocurrency exchanges. You can read more on Qurrex and their platform on their whitepaper, as well as their official website. You can learn more about their ICO when you join the conversation on Twitter or on Telegram. The ongoing ICO is worth investing and there is the need for a universal solution, which Qurrex aims to bring to the cryptocurrency market.

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