Radeon HD 7790


Radeon HD 7790 For Mining Ethereum

Ethereum mining is only gaining in popularity. There are even people trying to mine Ethereum on their mobile phones. Mining is a very resource intensive operation, and therefore needs the best hardware that your money can buy to be profitable. If you are interested in Ethereum mining, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various hardware on the market used for mining. This is especially true for GPUs. You need to have a great GPU to do well with mining. These GPUs aren’t always cheap, either. To make an Radeon_HD_7790intelligent choice as to which GPU to choose, you need to understand each GPU from a mining perspective. While most of the GPUs that are good for mining are also good for gaming, not all GPUs meant for gaming are good enough to mine with. Some cards that work amazingly well for gaming may have too high of a cost in energy consumption to be profitible as a mining card.

AMD has some GPUs that are pretty popular among Ethereum miners, many of which are in their Radeon family of GPUs, which is built on the GCN architecture.

At $680, AMD’s Radeon HD 7790 isn’t exactly priced at an entry level price. However, it has been known to function decently as a mining GPU. It will generally take about 392 days to pay for itself in mining revenue. The HD 7790 consumed about $1.08 worth of energy a day, and mines up around $1.73 worth of Ethereum daily. That’s almost $0.70 profit each day from this card. That leads to around $21 monthly profit just from this one card. You would need around 40 of these cards to make more than $800 a month from your mining operations, which would cost nearly $27,200 total for all of the GPUs. Now, you still need to have computers to put all of these cards in.

The HD 7790 has an engine clock of 950MHz, though Boost can up this to 1GHz. It also comes with 6GB GDDR5 memory clocked at 1600MHz with a bandwidth of 288GB/s. The HD 7790 uses Graphics Core Next, the AMD architecture than many of their newer cards are built on. With 4,096 stream processors, it is quite a powerufl GPU that works well for both mining and gaming.

radeon-7790The Good and The Bad

The Radeon HD 7790 is pretty heavily priced, and it is a heavy GPU that has low power consumption for all of its oomph. It needs a power supply that will give it a steady stream of 175W. With an average of $0.73 daily profit, this is one of the higher earning GPUs.

How The Radeon HD 7790 Stacks Up

It is possible to call the Radeon HD 7790 an entry level GPU for Ethereum mining, though it is priced several hundred dollars than someone new to mining may want to shell out. However, mining is investment heavy, and to make a lot of money you will have to spend more than just a few hundred dollars.

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