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Swiss Alps Mining Review

One of the main challenges facing the blockchain industry across the globe is the high electricity bills when carrying of mining initiatives. The blockchain business applications that businesses and organizations are now starting to embrace are also energy intensives. This kind of challenges hinders global implementation of various blockchain technologies.

Swiss Alps Mining ICO is determined to resolve this problem by providing ideal buildings that companies can use for their mining activities. At the moment, there are thousands of unused structures in the Swiss Alps that can be used for this purpose. One of the main attributes that makes this location an ideal choice for cryptocurrency mining is the fact that all the structures will be powered using renewable energy that is affordable and environmentally friendly.

Swiss Alps Energy AG, the company that is overseeing this ICO (Initial Coin Offering) has announced that it will commence the process of selling the tokens this year. The team has also revealed that all the funds that will be raised during the ICO period will be channeled towards various projects that are meant to finance expansion and development of more robust and advanced mining facilities.

The company will also invest in new generation hydropower plants that will ensure that all the facilities have enough power to facilitate all its operations. The token will be called SAM and it is an ERC20 that is designed to compete effectively with the other digital currencies in the market.

Why Take Advantage of Swiss Alps Mining ICO

  • The company has put in place a special modular cube system that will allow SAE to come up with customized dust protected cryptocurrency mining equipment that will be installed onsite.
  • The natural weather conditions in Swiss Alps will boost the functionalism of the equipment by cooling the mining facilities naturally. This initiative will reduce total energy consumption of each mining structure by more than 30%.
  • The modular mining cubes can be automated to ensure that the processes run smoothly and efficiently
  • SAE (Swiss Alps Energy AG) is a step ahead of similar innovation as it is a renowned distributed ledger based energy supplier that has a flexible modular mining infrastructure
  • Since the structures are already available, investors will not need to incur construction costs

Final Thoughts

Swiss Alps Mining is a distributed ledger based energy supplier whose ICO will have a significant impact on the cryptocurrency industry. The flexible modular mining systems that the company will install on the available structures are designed to support the cryptocurrency mining objectives of each company thereby guaranteeing profitability of the venture.

As mentioned earlier, the cold weather conditions in the apps will naturally cool the systems thereby lowering the cooling costs and promoting durability of the equipment. Feel free to visit the Website or read the Whitepaper for more details.

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