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TraXion Review

TraXion aims to offer traditional financial products on a blockchain–driven ecosystem. TraXion has already launched several services and products and they plan to have significant infrastructure in place before their ICO. The company is tapping on the benefits offered by IBM Hyperledger Fabric Technology to provide outstanding connectivity among a variety of networks, individuals, and businesses as well as seamless integration in those groups. TraXion seeks to use their blockchain to eliminate brokers as well as to decentralize a legacy system. There will be four tiers each with its own bonuses during the pre-sale period. There will be 10 million TXNs for every tier and the bonuses vary from 40% to 10%. The availability of the tokens will be on a first come first served basis. When demand exceeds the period’s allocation, the exchanges will move on to the next tier. The crowd sale on the other hand will have 200 million TXNs for sale, and no bonuses will be offered.

Token Distribution


50% – token sale contributors transferable after the close of the crowd sale period
20% – for the team and will be locked as per the smart contract for 12 months
5% – for the community as incentives to strategists, partners, developers, and members looking to leverage the TriaXon network for building new partnerships and products
20% – for TriaXon’s parent company, Pluma Technologies Ltd. to be held for provisioning of future expenses, business development, partnerships, strategic acquisitions, and marketing. However, a portion of these tokens could be allocated to the reserve depending on future developments. These tokens will be locked by the smart contract for one year
3% – for the creation of a bounty program and any unused tokens will be transferred to the reserve
2% – will be allocated for CSR incentives and will serves as a grant to TriaXon’s trusted charity

Funds Allocation

After the close of the ICO, the initial funds will go to adding more Hyperledger developers in order to complete more projects and to rollout crypto trading to the market as soon as possible. Here is a more detailed allocation of the funds
30% Business development, 35% Platform development, 15% Operations, 20% Legal and compliance.

The Team

traxion tech

TriaXon has a 14-member team made up of competent and experienced professionals in the fields of banking compliance and operations, cryptocurrency, payment processing, cyber threat security management, politics and public relations, internet marketing and economics, artificial intelligence, blockchain and peer-to-peer technologies, led by Ann Cuisia-Lindayag with over 20 years of IT experience. TriaXon also has 11 advisors versed various disciplines and subjects.


There is a need to have better banking systems and TriaXon will revolutionize the financial industry. Get on board, buy your tokens, and help provide better financial services to individuals and businesses. Visit the official TriaXon site, read their white paper for more information, and keep up with the conversation on Twitter and Telegram.

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