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As the number of people shopping online increases, courier companies are finding it hard to sustain value for their services. To meet the demands of the e-commerce business, Triwer was created to be a revolutionary parcel delivery platform that aims to eliminate the inefficiencies so rife in courier express parcel market (CEPM). Beyond this, they want to reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping. Triwer will help couriers and logistics companies to put to better use their spare capacity. Triwer will also empower online businesses and shoppers to take full control of their shopping needs as well as provide a platform where they can compare prices and the efficiency of courier companies.

triwer icoOn the platform, online shoppers will be empowered to personalize their profiles with their delivery preferences and use the profile on multiple e-commerce sites to help in arranging for the best delivery options. On top of this, they will be able to track their parcels with the inbuilt communication features. In this light, they have an ICO that will fund its operations. Triwer raised $200,000 from the private investment round, and the ICO period is now on until June 2018 when they will launch their brokerage and price comparison engine and token payment.

Triwer is offering investors bonuses ranging between 15 and 25% depending on when one enters the crowd sale period. Investing has benefits including Triwer being an existing company with an already functioning product, it operates in a growing e-commerce driven environment, with an aggressive business development to support token sale. The Triwer soluton is to select the best value and most appropriate delivery route, which also includes multi-carrier options who converge on the service via a multi-party smart contract.

Token Allocation

TRIWERAs is the norm, the success of an ICO is pegged on how well the tokens are distributed to ensure they attain the soft cap but with the aim of attaining the hard cap by the end of the sale period. Here is how Triwer will allocate the available tokens.
37.5% – distributed during the crowd sale
17.80% – reserved for the team and the founders
14.89% – distributed during the private ICO
8% – reserved for the bounty program and marketing activities
5.31% – marketing
5% – technical
4.5% – legal and regulations
2% – reserved for private investors
Should any of the 375,000,000 tokens reserved for distribution during the token sale remain unsold, they will be destroyed. It is unlike a cryptocurrency not to disclose how the funds raised during the ICO will be allocated, but a huge chunk of it is projected to go to growth and expansion through marketing and PR, research and development, as well as legal and regulations.

The Team

Triwer is a Norway based company with a team of 11 members headed by the Chairman, Per Havden. His subordinates include Thomas Vogt a co-founder, Visionary, and COO, Kim Abrahamsen, a co-founder and chief of sales, a finance manager, the head of tech and app development, a system engineer and automation, a front end developer, a service designer/UX, a PR manager, an SEA operations manager, and a social media platforms manager. There is also a 4-member advisory board with experts n investor relations, growth marketing and investments, an Ethereum blockchain expert, as well as a senior security expert.


Ecommerce is an integral part of our lives, and this has come to disrupt traditional means of acquiring goods. It has also created an opportunity to which Triwer is looking to capitalize on by easing the supply chain dynamics. Download the whitepaper for more insight and visit the official Triwer website to participate in their ICO. You can also join the conversation on Twitter and Telegram to see what other investors think about Triwer.

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