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In the modern age, it is typically impossible to think of a life without social media. Mainstream social networking sites come with their own problems, privacy concerns. UHIVE is the latest, easy to use, and innovative social network.It stands out from the rest by the fact that it integrates hybrid blockchain technology and physical dimension, the first of its kind in the world. It is an advanced AI controlled network and it supports virtual reality. UHIVE users can expect an enjoyable, secure, and unique social media experience.

A New Edge to Social Networks

UHIVE is a here to upset the status quo by taking social networking to a new era and transforming it with technological capabilities such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. Above this, it aims to bring back the human aspect of social networking to deliver a natural, unique, and entertaining experience. Blockchain technology has allowed the creators to introduce the world’s first social network with physical dimensions.
With physical dimensions, users’ space will get a UHIVE physical location in the network. As with all networks, time spent, a user’s engagement level among other factors makes them more visible and attractive to other UHIVE users. This notion has brought a new marketing dimension, where if your space if near a famous space with high traffic, then others users will see your space and increase the value of your space.

Civilized and Grey Worlds

There are two worlds available to users on UHIVE, the ‘Civilized world’ a regulated platform for real people and ‘Grey World’ an unregulated platform where the real people can create their ideal identities and be whoever they want to be. To avoid customer data leaking, privacy is safeguarded by blockchain technology. The system will use its own sustained economy based on the UHIVE token, and there is already a wide array of tools under development geared to help businesses and people to connect. UHIVE users can have multiple profiles, restricted to one in civilized world and as many as you want in the grey world.

UHIVE Technology

To ensure the success of its social networking platform, UHIVE has incorporated various technologies. The system will utilize Amazon’s AWS backend and an array of content delivery networks (CDNs) to enable fast delivery from local servers and enable a real time virtual experience. The UHIVE app is designed for easy navigation on both grey and civilized worlds and to enable the access of surrounding areas with much ease.
uhive icoUHIVE is also utilizing artificial intelligence and it will provide advanced features such as facial recognition, object detection, video streaming analysis, post classification, sentiment, and opinion analysis, among others. The hybrid blockchain technology will help in users staying anonymous in the grey world and this is a paid service where users can pay using their UHIVE tokens. The virtual reality feature will allow users with VR headsets to explore surrounding spaces on the network, share VR experiences and watch movies. There are available SDKs and APIs for third parties to integrate their applications onto the social network.


UHIVE is a clear indication that blockchain technology can be applied everywhere. With social networks taking center stage in our lives, it is a promising venture to invest in. they are offering a token sale only available from the OFFICIAL SITE. Join and keep up with the conversation on TELEGRAM and read the WHITEPAPER for more information on the ICO.

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