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One can get casino games online and play against another gambler from across the world in real time. However, the current gambling system is hugely flawed and U Run It is a company seeking to revolutionize the gambling world in the present age and for the future.

The Gambling Market Problem

Despite advanced technology, the main principle of gambling remain the same, individuals walk into a casino or log onto their online accounts, spend money, with high hopes that they will win. However, the reality is that most players loose and they have no chance of influencing the outcome.

URUNIT-TokenThe casino also sets the rules to be followed by the players, and this is the reason why many players hardly win and those who win can barely match the house winnings.
Since gamblers are always looking for action and the casinos offer the same thrill, it is becoming difficult for casinos to attract new players. No matter the amount, the casinos spend on the advertising and marketing, players never stay for long.

URUNIT Solution

URUNIT is looking to usher a new era in the gambling industry by creating a blockchain-based platform that is fully managed by the community. The players will host all the games, receive the lion’s share of the profits, and have control of the house. The players will pay a small fee in URUN tokens to draw lots that will give them the right to own and host a game. The platform will have ranks where a player will have to play often and place higher bets in order to rise in rank, and a player with a high ranking has more chances of owning a game.

The host will be responsible for setting the parameters of the game or tournament, and will own it for the period of the game as well as act as the monitor and game moderate. At the end of the game, the owner will receive most of the profits. To bring the solution to fruition, there will be an ICO, the 0.5% of every transaction on the platform will be burnt, and this will make it the only gambling platform with a decreasing amount of tokens.

The Team

urunitU Run It has an extensive team led by Roman Grushkovsky the CEO and co-founder alongside Max Vaschuk, who will also be the chief marketing officer and Leonid Rubin who is also the chief operations officer.
There is also an 8-member advisor board with experience in gambling, casinos, legal, among other disciplines. There are also 18 other team members that cater to the running of the platform ranging from blockchain developers, SEO specialist, a community manager, cybersecurity expert, among others. You can get their bio on LinkedIn and names on the whitepaper.

Final Remarks

The time is here when the gambling industry needs change and the players to have more power on the sector. U Run It platform is sure to be the one to bring this new age to the gambling sector, so be sure visit the official website to participate in the ICO. You can also join the conversation on Twitter and Telegram and see what other contributors think of the platform.

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