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VANIG Review

Thanks to the internet and technological advancements, there are hundreds of online stores that you can access on your computer or smartphone and shop for products in seconds. VANIG is designed to make your shopping experience even better by using blockchain technology. The main objective is to change the manner in which e-commerce industry operates by integrating blockchain in the movement of goods from the manufacturers to the consumers. The technology will ensure that all parties involved in the transaction benefit and get an amazing experience.

vanigChallenge of Dealing with Middlemen

Usually, long product supply chain results in an increase in the number of intermediaries for chip in wanting to make a profit by acting as brokers. Their involvement results in increase in prices thereby making the products inaccessible to a majority of potential customers.
VANIG ecosystem reduces the number of middlemen thereby making the product prices more affordable and convenient to more consumers.

Waiting Periods that Last for Ages

Due to the current setup, sellers have to wait for several days to for a payment made by a customer to reflect in their bank account. As a result, the buyers have to wait for long periods to get the products. VANIG blockchain will ensure that you never have to wait for days, as the payments are processed instantly using VANIG tokens. Sellers will be able to ship out products to thousands of customers in a day thereby making more profits.

Inadequate Information about Raw Materials

At the moment, it is not easy to know the type of raw materials that manufacturers use to make products. Knowing the raw materials will help you to know if you should proceed to purchase the product as well as gauge its value. VANIG will make this possible by promoting transparency and honesty.

Every store in the ecosystem will be required to provide detailed information about the raw materials used to manufacture the products. Therefore, if you are allergic to a certain ingredient, you will be able make to a wise decision as you shop especially for food products and beverages.

VanigInternational icoInconsistent and Tedious Tracking

Tracking the materials used to make a product is currently almost impossible since the process is fractured. Multiple shipping service providers are involved and so you would have to spend days or even months looking for this kind of information.
VANIG provides total tracking solutions thereby helping buyers as well as the sellers get value for their money. This is based on the fact that all transportation records will be stored in the blockchain thereby giving users the ability to track orders easily.

Final Thoughts

VANIG is an awesome and implementable blockchain project that will streamline the ecommerce and shopping industry and processes. By promoting transparency and convenient tracking of raw materials used to make a product as the transportation records, all parties involved will get value for their money. In addition, in case of a query, one can easily track the shipping company and even file a complaint in a court of law using the evidence stored in the blockchain. Head over to the website to learn more about this new blockchain innovation. There is also a Whitepaper that you can read to get more information.

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